Posted by: bemyduende | 05/20/2009

Smell 16: Personal – 嗅覚 16: 自分のこと

I admit I don’t have anything planned to post about today.  No special smells or exploring adventures to speak of, so I’ll just let you know some nice little stories from my new job at the YMCA.

I work in the Older Toddler Room (aka terrible two room) at the Childcare Center.  Everyday, there are three adults and 20 two-year-olds… yes, twenty!  It can get pretty crazy and stressful when your planned activities don’t go over well with the wee ones or if their attention spans only allow the planned activity to last about 10.5 seconds.  You have to be spontaneously creative to come up with activities before they smell the fear in you, otherwise they’ll eat you alive!  HA!

But despite all that craziness there is so much to love about it.  After all, in none of my previous office jobs/retail jobs/food jobs did any of my bosses come running over, hug my leg and yell, “MS. DEVON! HI, MS. DEVON!!!” when I came walking in the room.  Ok, that would have been weird from an adult but still…  now I can multiple that by 20 darling children.

Here are some good stories from the crew (names changed for privacy).  I recommend you think of these stories coming from a 2-year-old with a cute little kid voice, it makes them better.


[While pretending to eat our favorite color jelly beans off of a jelly bean book, SARA came over to me.]

SARA: Ms. Devon, guess what’s in my mouth?

ME: What?

SARA: Strawberry bubblegum.

ME: Oh really? You’re lucky!

SARA: It’s disgusting.


[As ALICE’S DAD is picking her up]

ALICE’S DAD: Do you like Ms. Devon?

ALICE: Yeeeeaaaahhh.  She’s beauuuutiful.

ALICE’S DAD: (to me) She never says that to anyone, you must be special.

ALICE: Oh dad.  Yes, I do.


[While singing the itsy-bitsy bubblebee song.]

BEN: (to me) Itsy-bitsy bubblebee, won’t you say your name to me?

ME: Devon!

BEN:  Devon, Devon. That’s his name.

MATT: (with a very confused look on his face, to me)  What are you?

ME: What?

MATT: What are you?  Are you a girl or a boy?

ME:  Silly.  Of course, I’m a girl.  Ben made a mistake.

MATT: Ben is silly.


[Talking about his vacation where he flew in a plane.]

ME: Scott, how was your trip?  Did you go in an airplane?

SCOTT: Yes.  We went up and up and up in the sky.  It was CRAZY!

[To really understand the greatest of how he said ‘crazy’, everyone should watch the extra of the movie Supersize me where Morgan Spurlock is talking about the McDonald’s fries (about 2:17 into the video).   Check it out here.]


Well, that’s all for now folks.




  1. These remind me of some of the stuff that mom wrote down that we said… so adorable!

  2. Haha, “kids say the darndest things” doesn’t even cover it. Soooo sweet. Thanks for remembering those mini conversations!

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