Posted by: bemyduende | 05/15/2009

Hearing 15 / 聴覚 15: Flobots

Guess what?! It’s Bike-to-Work Day!

Actually it’s National Biking Month, Bike-to-Work Week and finally Bike-to-Work Day (does that make much sense? HA!)

I biked to work on Monday and I am biking to work today (probably at the very second you are reading this… or not). I hope you all bike to work too. Let’s promote clean air and healthy lifestyles, shall we?

(Thanks to Design Boner for the insider tip)

So in honor of this national biking day I have decided to honor a local (now semi-famous) band, the Flobots.  Yes, I’m going all cliché on you and playing the Handlebars song… but I like it.  And I went to high school with one of the founding members, Jonny 5.

Everyone, Happy Trails!

Handlebars from the album Fight with Tools



  1. You’re welcome! Thanks for linking to that song. It’s been a long while since I’ve heard it.

  2. Hi there, I followed your from Sara’s- I like the idea of trekking to work on the chance that is not too far or too hot outside.. “wink”

  3. GirlJapan- Thanks for commenting! I’ve wandered over to your blog too (I’ll have to wander back one of these days!). I agree although I’m trying to get over both of those. My work is 6 miles away and before I would have totally thought that was too far but it’s actually a nice ride…. the hot thing still gets to me. (^-^)

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