Posted by: bemyduende | 05/13/2009

Smell 15: The smell of aging – 嗅覚 15: 加齢臭

Wonder what this picture is about?  Go here.





  1. I have mistaken it for smell of curry(カレー臭) when I was young.haha.
    But now this become a serious problem for me gradually.X<

  2. I hope this didn’t come from living with your mom… 😦

  3. Knack- I hope you can beat it! Haha

    Mom- I think it’s mainly businessmen… so let’s hope it doesn’t happen to us! 🙂

  4. Yes, hopefully it’s just businessmen. 😉

  5. Gina – Hisashiburi! I’ll make sure to steer clear of those stinky businessmen! hehe.

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