Posted by: bemyduende | 04/03/2009

Hearing 9: Junco – 聴覚 9:ユキヒメドリ(雪姫鳥)

My mom recently made the most darling little bird house (seen here) and we’ve both been eagerly waiting to see when the birds will notice it.  However, in the last week Denver has had a couple snowstorms -with more in the forecast- so we thought we might be waiting longer than expected but…

…well, here comes the Junco! Turns out these are the “snowbirds” of the middle latitudes!  We saw the grey-headed variety which looks like the picture below.

Gray-headed Junco, photo credit: D Welch

He was super cute kicking up the snow trying to get down to the seeds like the dark-eyed junco seen below.

looking for seed, photo credit: dziegler

But of course, one of the best gifts from birds is their song.  Below is a sample of a dark-eyed junco doing his thing!

As I was looking for specific junco pictures on flickr I happened across so many other beautifully shot photographs of these winter troopers.  One of my favorites is below.

I Thought the Calender Said Spring! 97/366, photo credit: picturethepromises



  1. I’m getting quite used to our little Junco friend and am glad when he comes around!

  2. Soooooo cute!!!
    You are such a good cook!

  3. Isn’t he cute? He’s our only little friend that comes and visits so far… You can make the leek meal too, it’s so easy!

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