Posted by: bemyduende | 04/02/2009

Touch 9: Amanda – 触覚 9:アマンダさん

7 years ago this week i put a letter in the mail to see how my good friend, who had been fighting leukemia, was doing.  She had been fighting it for over a year and a half (with a lot of ups and downs) and I just felt like I needed to let her know that I was thinking about her.  Little did I know that before that letter would arrive at its destination, she would have already lost her fight.

In high school, Amanda and I wrote a lot of “notes” to each other.  Seeing as though the main subjects of these letters were always boys we decided to write to each other in the ‘symbol’ font on the computer so that no one else could read them (or would take the time to read them).  We got to the point where we could read the letters easily and would tell people that we knew how to read Greek but ironically couldn’t speak it (wink, wink!).  We really enjoyed writing in this font so we even continued using it into college. It was like our own secret language.

So although I wish I would have picked up the phone a bit more often during the last few months of Amanda’s life, I have no doubt that these letters were her way of always staying with me.  With each passing year, I become more and more grateful that I kept these letters. Reading through them makes me smile.

They help me remember the loving and warm person that Amanda was.

Miss you, love you, Manda.



  1. The one thing I really remember about Amanda was her positive attitude. She always believed we’d win that OM contest… and she really thought she would lick the Leukemia… I just hope she is watching over others who need her strength…

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