Posted by: bemyduende | 03/31/2009

Taste 9: Peanut Butter Bears – 味覚 9: ピーナッツバター熊

Cooking with others is always a fun activity especially when the “other” is a newbie to the field.  I had the pleasure of making some fun peanut butter bears with my friend’s daughter the other day.  She recently had a birthday and received a cookbook and her own set of measuring spoons so we wanted to test them out.  It was super fun!  They basically tasted like peanut butter rice krispy treats.

Just starting out

Her new cookbook


Not quite using her new spoons correctly (but that’s ok)


All done! Aren’t they cute?

The recipe was taken from The Toddler Cookbook.

For more fun pictures, click here.



  1. I remember that I often cooked cookies when I was children.
    It was a very funny event!

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. Knack- What kind of cookies did you make?

  4. 可愛いーーー!我が家でも作ってみたい・・・と、思ったけれど、うちの子はピーナッツアレルギーでした・・・シュン。

  5. シゲコ先生、

    Maybe you’ll just have to make original rice krispy treat bears!

  6. I did some kinds cookies – chocolate,batter,cocoa,strawberry jam.:)

  7. Sounds delicious, Knack! You should still make some even though you aren’t a child any more!

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