Posted by: bemyduende | 03/17/2009

Taste / 味覚 7: Theraflu

Recently I’ve been sick.

For me to admit this is big as I like to pride myself as someone who never gets sick.  But alas, I did.

So for the past week or so, my taste of choice has been Theraflu.

Theraflu® Cold & Cough Hot Liquid

This stuff is the best for nighttime when your cold is at its worst.  It knocks you out! However, you are going to want to take a trip over to their website because it might not be the right treatment for you and it’s surprisingly interactive!  You can find out which treatment is best for your symptoms, find out if the risk of getting a cold in your area is high, or get coupons!

Take care everyone!







  1. I hope you feeling better now! I am nearly 100% again and today is 70 degrees outside so it’s lovely!

  2. I’m about 90% there. So I’m right behind you!

  3. i hope your well soon. im a baby when i get sick.. and it takes me FOREVER to get over it. soooooo im on day #10 of this current bug.. ewww. theraflu to the rescue for me too.

  4. Nick-

    I’d say I’m about 98% now so I’m almost there. 10 days?! wow! Get well soon!

  5. 後藤散(gotoh-san)という風邪薬が九州では一番の薬です。めちゃ効くよ。


  6. Thanks Keiichi! I’ll be sure to check that out in Japan! For now, I’m all better! Yay!

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