Posted by: bemyduende | 03/16/2009

Sight 7/視覚 7: Zivile Sabaliauskaite

Although it seems like almost everyone has switched over to Facebook, Myspace still remains a useful networking site for me.  With a bit of weeding out the bad (or the “not my taste”), one can definitely find wonderful musicians and artists.   So when I was recently “friended” by Zivile “Zy” Sabaliauskaite, a lovely painter from Lithuania, I was pleased.  I asked her to answer just a couple questions for me and I think it gives a beautiful insight into the type of person she is, as well as her artwork.


Me: Is Zy your nickname?

ZS: Zivile Sabaliauskaite is my full name but almost everybody can’t say it correctly, so Zy is easier to say.  The sound of “z” never ends when I say my nickname and I hope my artwork also creates this type of impression .

Indian ochra, 2008

Me: What’s your favorite color?

ZS: I don’t have one favorite color.  I guess it could be the one that comes out each time I look at my paintings so it’s always changing.

Sekme/Succsess” 2008

Me: Where does your inspiration come from?

ZS: My inspiration comes from my changing emotions.  I think everybody can relate to similar emotions.  For example, people who are angry seem to be drawn to the artwork I created while I was angry.  I believe people can relate to each other not only by words but by motions or gestures.  While feeling the same emotions they can imagine similar colors.  If you like my artwork, I can say, you’re sharing the same emotions I had.  So you recognize yourself in me.

It happens in violet, 2008

For more paintings, visit her myspace here.





  1. わあ、きれい!!!

  2. I like these. I like it even better that you (briefly) interviewed a Lithuanian artist. You’re like a real live blogger. You should get a VH1 shoe…hahaha, show, I meant, but a VH1 shoe is also a great idea.

  3. あっこさん、

    すごいでしょ?!!彼女は私を見つけて嬉しいです!やっぱりmyspaceはいいですね。そうそう、すごく美しい色合いだな。  それも、母の好きな絵もいちばん最初の絵です。:)

    Jessie- haha, I wondered if I should interview people at all because I want my days to be much more about introducing the art and promoting the artist than finding out about the artist in depth. (that really takes some opinionated thinking… :P) But I thought just a few questions would be interesting. Glad you like it!

    I thought the VH1 shoe was an award when you put that at first. haha. 

    On a side note, I hope this artist regains your trust of Lithuanian art. 😉

  4. very beautyfull art !!!!!

  5. Haha, thanks for the thought! There are pleasant Lithuanian artists all over the world. I doubt this fact not.

  6. Thanks for the comment Shania! I agree!

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