Posted by: bemyduende | 03/11/2009

Smell 6: Scent and Emotions – 嗅覚 6:香りと感情

I love the scent of Cool Water by Davidoff because whenever I smell it I automatically think of Portland, OR.

View of Mt. Hood from Lewis and Clark Campus

I lived there 10 years ago and at that time, it was my daily perfume of choice.  So now when I smell it I am reminded of Portland’s cool, damp mornings, adventures through the ravine that ran through our campus and all the wonderful people with whom I spent time.  Even though I didn’t stay in Portland long, I have so many marvelous memories associated with that scent.

Well, it turns out that my thinking that perfume is great may be due to those fabulous memories.  I recently read this interesting article in the Denver Post called Good Smell, Bad Smell and it outlines why some people may be drawn to certain smells while others may not.   Since smell is processed by the same area of the brain that handles emotions we often get tricked by air fresheners and other odor eliminating products.  Therefore, I recommend you take a gander on over to read the buyer beware.

>Illustrations by Maureen Scance, The Denver Post

Illustrations by Maureen Scance, The Denver Post

However more importantly, I want you to think about a scent that you love (or hate!) and try to trace the emotions attached to it.

Tell me your stories!

As for me, perhaps if I had hated the time I spent in Portland I would be cursing Cool Water right now, but instead I’m pondering the idea of buying a new bottle.


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