Posted by: bemyduende | 03/10/2009

Taste 6: Denver Restaurant Week- 味覚 6:デンバーレストランの週

Last week I supported the culinary celebration of Denver Restaurant Week with my lovely mother.  Denver Restaurant Week is an annual event where local restaurants offer a two person dinner for the price of $52.80 (Denver is 5,280 feet above sea-level.)

We decided on going to the Melting Pot for a night of dipping and dining.  It was all very delicious especially the desert.  Who knew rice crispy treats and chocolate are a near perfect combination?   Even though this year’s Denver Restaurant Week is over, may I recommend Dining Out for Life?  See you there!  Bon Appetit!



  1. Yummmmm….

  2. Denver Restaurant Week is a very nice event!
    How delicious the sweets in these pictures look!

    I have been eating some chocolate every day.
    So this article makes me want to eat cholocate more.hahaha

  3. Mom- Yummy, indeed!

    Knack – コメントありがとう! I always look forward to Denver Restaurant Week! Does Tokyo have anything like this?
    チョコラットは美味しいですよね!I love dark chocolate~!

  4. Oh my god, that looks to die for!!!! There is a Melting Pot in Providence, I have to go there ASAP!!!

  5. Rose, yeah! The Melting Pot is awesome! But it can get pretty expensive so try to go on a special day like we did or bring a date. 😉

  6. There is not a event like Denver Restaurant Week in Tokyo.
    So I envy you!!
    I love to eat chocolate with a cup of bitter coffee.:)
    I am a victim of chocolate and coffee.
    I take some chocolate and some cup of coffee everyday.X)

  7. chocolate and coffee! you have good taste!

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