Posted by: bemyduende | 03/04/2009

Smell 5 /嗅覚 5: Blog Spotted

Well, for all you nosy people out there, I’ve been Blog Spotted. Thanks to Design Boner for showing some interest in me! A Blog Spot requires me to post a pic of the spot where I blog. So here we go…



There you have it. I love to sit by the heater. What can I say, my family is full of heater “cats”. : )  Click on the picture to see all the fun notes I put in the picture (an idea I stole from Jessie, thanks!)

Ok, I’m supposed to blog spot 5 other people but I’ll stick to just a few…. So please Ms. Rose and Mrs. Gina won’t you show me your blogging space?

The rules of this Blog Spot tagging are as follows:

1. Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog. This might mean a picture of your cozy bed, or your office at work (you naughty employee, you!), your bathtub, coffeeshop, etc. Feel free to be creative, but be honest–if your desk is usually covered in Ritz crackers and love letters to Carrot Top, then show us!
2. Feel free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail. Or not.
3. Link back to this post.
4. Tag five other bloggers to show their blog spots.
5. If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage (the horror!).





  1. LOVE that you posted a picture of the heater! It’s the oddest yet best seat in the house.

  2. Hey! That’s Rose, Rose!

  3. It’s where I sit so I had to post it! 😉 That is Rose!

  4. Hey Dev,
    Sorry i’m week late, but I posted my pick of where I blog! Check it out when you can. hope all is well. Thanks for the pic comment!

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