Posted by: bemyduende | 02/23/2009

Sight 4: Website Graphics – 視覚 4:

bemyduende as a graphic

The gals over at Design Boner alerted me to a site a few weeks back that turns websites into graphics based on their content.  This was before I actually had my own blog so I tested some other websites and I thought it was super fun.  I loved watching them expand and grow into marvelous little pictures but I have to say, it’s even more thrilling to see your own website become something so pretty.

To test your website, go here.

このエントリに日本語で書くつもりだったけど、昨日仕事は本当に忙しかったし、Oscarsがテレビに出たので、疲れすぎました。だから、日本語で書けなかった。ごめんなさい。この絵の説明が私のホームページはグラフィックになりました。してみたい人は こちらにクリックしてくだい。



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