Posted by: bemyduende | 02/13/2009

Smell 2: Pressed Flowers – 嗅覚 2:押し花

My mom and I have been cleaning out her basement in order to make way for an exercise room.  The stuff we have rediscovered includes things from when my mom was my age, things from when my sisters and I were little, and inherited items from my grandparents (on both sides).   But when we found this box the other day, we had no idea where, or who, it was from or what we would find inside.


When we opened it we were pleasantly surprised to find pressed flowers (well, I suppose most of them are more like foliage) jam-packed into the box.


And even more delightful was the fact that these were dated all the way back to the 1870’s.  Considering they are almost 140 years old, we think they must have been created by my great-great-great grandmother.  They must have been lovingly and skillfully produced to be able to withstand the test of time.  She must have been amazing.


What else will we find as we continue to explore!

Have you found any fun things in your basement or attic?



To see more flower pictures, click here




  1. 百四十歳の押し花なんて・・・家宝だね(その家代々に伝わる宝物)!


  2. kickpopさんーコメントありがとう~! I believe my grandmother bought it in China. She loved China. Yeah, I can’t believe that she made that tea cup… it’s so nice.

  3. beautiful!!

  4. アンディークですよね!I want to frame one!

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