Posted by: bemyduende | 02/03/2009

Taste 1: Spicy Lentils – 味覚 1:辛いレンズマメ

I was pretty excited about making this as I’m into lentils as of late… perhaps a lingering effect from living with my sister. I got this Spicy Lentil Snack recipe from Just Bento although she changed it a bit from a recipe at the Hungry Tiger… complicated, I know.  Let’s get cooking.

I ended up changing the spices just a bit because I couldn’t find garam masala powder (ok, I just looked one place) but I ended up just getting thai seasoning instead.

I also could only find one kind of lentil which I believe were green (the bag just said “lentils”) so they didn’t mush as well as the required red but they worked.

I didn’t have multi-color sesame seeds (black onion seeds? – couldn’t find ’em) so my little treats don’t look that appetizing but these little balls were still pretty darn good.  Nice replacement for that late night cookie.  After a few days you may feel like they are too squishy so I recommend using a toaster oven to reheat and add a bit of crisp to them.

Caution: These little unsuspecting treats will make you very regular. Enjoy! 🙂




  1. Haha, I like that living with me can somewhat be equated with liking the lentils. That’s nice.

    Mom told me about these the other day though and I was jealous. Sounded really good and they look good too. Good for you for adapting the recipe and making it less fancy. Will have to try this out.

  2. “They’ll make you very regular”, eh? Ha ha ha, that part cracked me up!

    They look really good! : )

  3. Jessie-You should try them! They are pretty easy to make and they really do grow on you.

    Gina- Haha. Yeah, I had to update the post because my mom and I found out that interesting fact about them! haha!

  4. I’m going to try this. You need to find the Denver equivalent of Huckleberries in Spokane, where the bulk bins will take care of all your garam masala, red lentil and multicolored sesame seed needs.

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